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Model: bloomsbury-planter
Our Bloomsbury Planter is a beautifully designed and versatile wooden square planter. It is suitable for all garden styles and is able to house a variety of flowers and plants. It has a large depth which makes it able to house large plants and small trees. It has a robust and durable structure makin..
Ex Tax:£33.29
Model: bonni-playhouse
The Bonni Playhouse is a beautiful addition to your garden and is ideal for all year round. There is plenty of space inside for your little ones to play and a window at the side of the house to provide natural light and to mimic the design of a real house so that your little ones can let t..
Ex Tax:£495.83
Model: evergreen-potting-station
Our Evergreen Potting Station is perfect for any green thumb’s garden. With its many practical features, like it’s storage shelves and wipe clean surface, it makes the ideal asset for anyone who loves gardening. With all of your gardening equipment in one place and easily accessible shelve..
Ex Tax:£215.83
Model: newquay-sandpit
Our Newquay Sandpit has a classic design that suits all garden types whilst still providing a beautiful feature to your garden. It is ideal for entertaining the little ones with endless amounts of fun within the comfort of your own home. It is available with or without a wipe clean floor a..
Ex Tax:£125.00
Model: regency-cube-planter
The Regency Cube Planter is a versatile planter that suits any garden type and is ideal for deep root plants and small trees. It has a classic square design that blends with other common garden surroundings whilst featuring a unique wooden design on each side to make it a stand out asset.Dimensions:..
Ex Tax:£50.00
Model: roseville-planter
Our Roseville Planter has a versatile and classic rectangular design making it suitable for all garden styles. It has a large depth which makes it ideal for housing deep root plants. It has a raised height which makes the planter easily accessible and provides a charming feature to the garden. All o..
Ex Tax:£37.46
Model: starlet-planter
The Starlet Planter is ideal for adding a special feature to your garden whilst keeping a classic wooden design to match your gardens surroundings. The hexagonal structure of the planter provides a large depth making it suitable for housing large plants and small trees. All of our products are deliv..
Ex Tax:£41.63
Model: fantasia-garden-arbour
The Fantasia Garden Arbour is the perfect place to relax, unwind and enjoy your garden views. The wooden seat can comfortably fit two people. This stunning wooden design blends in beautifully with your garden furniture whilst providing a beautiful feature to your garden.Dimensions: Height - 180cm, W..
Ex Tax:£249.96
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