Galvanised Dog Run Door Panel - 1m x 1.84m - 5cm Bar Gap

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The Cherry Acres Galvanised 5cm Bar Gap Dog Run Panels with Door access are constructed using only high quality materials built to the highest industry standards. The 5cm gap panels are ideal for all size breeds such as puppies and boarding kennels that need the extra security that is provided with these strong galvanised bar panels. The Door sections have been engineered to result in ultra-strong construction and security.

Not only that but these panels are tried and tested within the construction of our Premium Quality Dog Kennels.

Our panels are hot dipped to guarantee 100% galvanisation and prolonged life of the panel whatever the location or climate. We also offer 8cm gap panels for Medium to Large Breeds.

Precision steel tubes built in strict accordance with DIN 2394-2 standards. Steel grade RST 37-2. Zinc coating according to the European DIN 1461 standards (BS 1461) and is ISO-9002 certified.