Electric Fence Poultry Netting

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There’s not much else to say about our netting that hasn’t also been said in our handy little electric chicken fencing guide and pretty much does what it says on the tin (not that it comes in one)

All our netting is made from polyurethane and has a metal filament running through the horizontal sections and has been specifically designed with regards to the ideal height for chicken fencing and hole sizes.

It’s about as good as it gets when you want flexibility and protection for your birds giving you those options a fixed fence can’t.

It comes in lengths of either 25M or 50M and does not need to be built into a loop so you can if you like use it to close off the end of an open enclosure.

The netting comes with 15 integral posts in the 50M net or 9 posts for the 25M, along with 13 ground pins, 4 corner posts and a handy repair kit.

If you are looking to buy a complete electric poultry netting setup don’t forget we also have complete electric fencing kits available which also come with fence testers and everything else you could possibly need to set your electric fence up.