Cherry Acres Quality Assurance

At Cherry Acres Animal Housing we do our up-most to provide a product to our customers which is not only built to a high standard but also keeps to any ethics or standards that most companies within our niche should be adhering to, so with that said:

Our Timber
The timber we use is Scandinavian Redwood Pine (Pinus sylvestris). Our timber merchant receives this timber into their yard as either FSC or PEFC certified which provides us with the highest level of assurance that the timber comes from well managed forests.  We routinely check our suppliers supply chain documentation to ensure that what we are told is correct. Cherry Acre Animal Housing purchase all our materials from UK businesses so are classified as a Trader under the EU Timber Regulation (995/2010) which came into force on 3rd March 2013.  As a trader our responsibilities are to know who we buy our timber from and who we sell our finished products to. Buying timber from well managed certified forests also means that Cherry Acres Animal Housing goes beyond complying with the EU Timber Regulation and ensures that our precious resources are maintained for future generations.

The Fixings
All fixings are sourced from local companies as we are a strong believer in supporting the local business community.

How Our Products Are Built
Every product that leaves our workshop is built here at Cherry Acres Animal Housing in Ashford in Kent. Absolutely nothing is outsourced to third parties or built outside of the UK. Which means if you have any problems, you are able to speak directly with the people who built your housing.

Also all of our products are assembled individually here at the workshop before being sent to the customer so we know each unit was fully functional before leaving us to cut down on any potential problems.