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Electric Fencing

Model: electric-fence-energisers
The fence energisers we reco mmend come from the Gemini range and are extremely portable. These small units can handle the needs of pretty much all poultry keepers and come complete with a 3 year warranty. All of the Gemini range are 220v mains or 12v DC input and come with a low battery/pulse indic..
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Model: electric-fence-poultry-netting
There’s not much else to say about our netting that hasn’t also been said in our handy little electric chicken fencing guide and pretty much does what it says on the tin (not that it comes in one) All our netting is made from polyurethane and has a metal filament running through the horizontal secti..
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Model: electric-fencing-earth-stake
Our 1M earth stake is galvanised for extra durability and has a wing nut and bolt for easy operation...
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Model: electric-poultry-netting-kits
If you’re really not too sure on the configuration of your electric netting you we have ready-made kits available and they really do take all the guesswork out of protecting your chickens. All you need to do is work out the length of netting you need, either 25M or 50M. Each kit comes with the corre..
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Model: the-kv-electric-fence-tester
One of the most simple electric fence testers out there. Just turn it on and it’ll show a small led light to say you’re ready to test. Then all you need to do is rest the small metal back plate on the underside of the tester against the horizontal strands of your poultry netting, it will then show o..
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