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Duck Housing

Model: cherry-marasca-duck-house
Length 1000mmWidth 880mmHeight 1140mmIdeal Housing For Pair of ducksNot your regular duck house, the Cherry Marasca would be ideally suited to a pair of ducks and has had as much attention paid to the aesthetics as to the functionality. With one large door at the front and two removable..
Ex Tax:£208.33
Model: hartland-duck-canopy
House width1000mm (Small) 1500mm (Large)Float Width1400mm (Small) 1100mm (Large)Height800mm (Small) 1100mm (Large)Ideal Housing For Up to 6 ducksTurn your pond into more of a feature with the Hartland Duck Canopy, not only does it share the same good looks as other Cherry Acres..
Ex Tax:£412.50
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