Nicky Hope

I have had my Cherry Broody Ark (in the larger size) for a couple of weeks now.

As a newcomer to keeping chickens I spent ages looking on the Internet for something which would house 2 chickens. I wanted something which was attractive and functional but not ridiculously expensive and knew I wanted to allow my chickens to free range most of the time. For that purpose it is perfectly suited. The chickens are very happy to go back in in the evenings and by choice go back in to lay their eggs any time of day.

On days when I am not around I keep them in (to keep them safe from the fox!) and they are perfectly happy. I just let them back out when I get home.

We also move it around to stop the grass from getting too scuffed and so far the lawn still looks immaculate.

There is a sheltered part to keep them shaded or dry and the other end is their nesting area. Both ends open fully (the doors come off completely). It is a very simple design but very attractive and the wood is very solid. The wire seems to be really sturdy too and hasn’t discoloured. They do make quite a mess in the nesting box but it is so easy to scoop out the poo every two or three days and then it gets a thorough clean once a week with Poultry Shield and red mite barrier powder (prevention is better than cure I have been told!).

We are thoroughly enjoying our chickens (and eggs!) and the Cherry Broody Ark is just the ticket!