Mr D Pugh

How often do you get the craftsman who built an article actually deliver it to you? My broody coop was delivered to Wales from Kent by the person who built it.

The quality of the materials used is of the highest – the thickness of the shiplap timber used is nearly twice as thick as that used in other coops. The design throughout shows the care and thought which has gone into making a top-class product. All the little extras one would like are already there – proper ventilation, carved handles to move the coop, carved inset to ease the opening of the side panel all point to a coop built by someone who understands the needs of a chicken keeper.

I was lucky to have found the company via an Internet search…page 5 was delving quite deep for me. I only wish I had found them earlier when I was looking for the major hen house I bought from a more famous company earlier this year. I could have had a better built house for less outlay!