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For a limited time only all products over £500 come with free build and delivery (UK mainland only)

The Sanctuary Walk in Chicken Run – With Internal House

From: £1,020.00

Weight 999 kg

2745mm (Overall)
1100mm (Both large and regular internal houses)


1830mm (Overall)
1200mm (Large internal house)
700mm (Regular internal house)


1830mm (To the eaves)
2440mm (To the apex)

For a limited time only all products over £500 come with free build and delivery
(UK mainland only)


This version of our Cherry Acres Sanctuary is a large walk in chicken run that comes complete with an integrated house based from the successful Cottage chicken run. This is another of our favourite customer creations, originally built as a bespoke chicken house we knew the moment it was assembled there was going to be demand.

The chicken run can also be optionally built onto super strong railway sleepers (as shown in the photos) making it quite possibly one of the safest and secure places to keep your poultry, which is an adaption of our Cherry Acres enclosure with an ornate roof to match in with the Cottage style house inside.

Instead of the run being an extension of the house it now encloses the entire unit allowing you to be able to walk inside, while still keeping all of the same ornate styling and features of the original cottage.

The housing is also accessible from the outside so you can let your birds loose inside the run, shut all the doors then get to work cleaning the inside out without the usual curious faces having a peck while you’re trying to give their home a nice tidy.

If you have the room and want to house around 6 birds this is a walk in chicken run definitely worth considering.

We also have the option of a shiplap roof (same strong profiled wood used for the walls) which covers the back two thirds of the house, as well as the wire roof option.