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Hutch Buddy



Take the hassle out of cleaning your hutch or chicken coop with the Hutch Buddy.

We will absolutely swear by it for any type of cleaning tasks where you have to scoop out old sawdust, hay or any type of bedding from animal housing. The simplicity of it’s design really does not show off the effectiveness of this cleaning tool.

The sharp edges mean you can get into just about any tight corners whatever shape your housing is, while still being able to scrape out large amounts of old bedding with the help of the wide blade. Made from hand forged steel it will give you many years of service way beyond most other scrapers.

The blade width is 6″ and the full length is 14.5″ including the handle.

Try one now, we’re sure the time saved cleaning your housing using the Hutch Buddy it will pay for itself in no time.