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Electric Fence Energisers

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The fence energisers we recommend come from the Gemini range and are extremely portable. These small units can handle the needs of pretty much all poultry keepers and come complete with a 3 year warranty.

All of the Gemini range are 220v mains or 12v DC input and come with a low battery/pulse indicator, as well as a galvanised stand although you will also need a 1M ground stake which you can purchase here….

They all have a maximum distance rating of 8km (Gemini 40) to 18km (Gemini 120). This figure is based on the use of a fence with the highest possible metal rating and perfect fence conditions so really even just a fraction of this figure is more than enough for most keepers using our poultry netting unless they’re being extra generous free ranging their birds.

If you’re wondering about power consumption, these electric fence energisers will use 85mA (Gemini 40), 125mA (Gemini 80) and 200mA (Gemini 120). This in average conditions will equate to a 12v battery life of 5 weeks, 4 weeks and 3 weeks respectively. If you want to power from the mains you will need an additional HT lead.